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Choreography Portfolio for JAMD

Dance Lab Residency at Boston Center for the Arts: exit strategy (2023-2024)

ModernConnections-069 (1).jpg

Photo by Lauren Miller


exit strategy undulates through tandem worlds of myths and memories, edging on feelings of frustration, glory, and resistance. It is defined by raw expression as the dancers embody their shadow and subconscious selves. It contrasts with a simultaneous dance based on the "Skeleton Woman” myth, an Inuit poem retold in Clarissa Pinkola Estés’ "Women Who Run with the Wolves."


exit strategy is devised by Andrea Muñiz in collaboration with movement artists Erica Codd García, Ana G Delgado Cruz, Başak Sıla Bengisu, Maude A Warshaw, and musician Daniel Nerger.

For the full-length video, see below.

For an eight-minute excerpt presented at Modern Connection's DIP, click here.

This project is supported by the New England Foundation for the Arts, Dance Fund and the Boston Center for the Arts.

Photo by Lauren Miller

Movement Portrait: Palatial Ranch Project (2024)

Palatial Ranch Project is devised as a movement portrait of Charles Dietrich surrounding his experience of clearing out his parents' home, uncovering childhood memories, and processing grief. The choreographer, Andrea, worked collaboratively with Charles to generate the material through interviews and task-based improvisational scores. Presented at NACHMO Boston, March 2024.

This is the first in a series of movement portraits. I am interested in presenting the stories of real people, not just dancers, through dance and text, much like photographers do with their subjects. I envision this as a long-term project, creating only a few a year throughout my career. It is a durational-compositional inquiry of how I observe, interpret, and represent people's stories and movements through time. Ultimately, I aim to create a body of work that encompasses a wide range of stories told by non-dancers, and that can also serve as a compass for my artistic progression.

Photo by Olivia Moon

Undergraduate Project: slow chaos


slow chaos: with a succession of isolated

movements, stillness, and suspense

the dance becomes rhythmic and layered

before jumping into the unknown.


Presented at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee,

Winter Works 2019

Music: Dedekind Cut (Instinct);

Matmos (Ultimate Care II Excerpt Four)

Rehearsal assistant: Odessa Anderson

Dancers: Searlait Carr, Michelle Young, Hannah Ritter,

Jillian Grace, and Samuel Zamora.

Photo by John Chin

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