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Dance Lab Residency at Boston Center for the Arts (2023-2024)

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Photo by Lauren Miller

Undulating through tandem worlds of myths and memories, the work edges on feelings of glory, frustration, and resistance that can invigorate the witness to commemorate their own processes of becoming. exit strategy is devised by Andrea Muñiz in collaboration with movement artists Erica Codd García, Ana G Delgado Cruz, Başak Sıla Bengisu, Maude A Warshaw, and musician Daniel Nerger.

See their artist page here

This project is supported by the New England foundation for the Arts, Dance Fund and the Boston Center for the Arts.

exit strategy (2023)

"exit strategy"

MELLE's WIP on May 13, 2023

performers: Erica Codd, Andrea Muñiz, Juliet Paramor

original music by Daniel Nerger

Performing Concert Dance 2023

Excerpts from Jessi Stegall's "The Theremin Vignettes" presented as part of the BCA Dancemakers Residency 2023

Trio from Dara Capley's "Eucalyptus"

Presented at Somerville ArtBeat 2023 Performed by Heather Easley, Jacob Hoover, and Andrea Muñiz

Improvised Performance

Improvised performance at JP Porchfest August 2023

performers: Erica Codd, Basak Sila Bengisu, David Scherer, Charles Dietrich, Vivien Ferguson, Juliet Paramor, Andrea Muñiz

Curated by Joe Burgio, Emiliano Lopez, and Callie Chapman MEET I Saturday, June 24 @6pm SOM Art Space @ Assembly (495 Artisan Way) Nikita Manin, Mark Abramovski Henry Wilson and Emiliano López, Nico Daglio, Jordan Mudd, Wendy Jehlen, Joe Burgio, Andrea Muniz, Katya Popova, Callie Chapman videography/streaming Callie Chapman, Andrea Muniz, Jordan Mudd

*Andrea begins at 1:17:17

John Chin 2019_edited.jpg

Midday Shuffle Series Teaching

Midday Movement Series (“MIDDAY”) is a BIPOC-led grassroots initiative cultivating a new, diverse generation of dance leaders through professional development, mentorship, and advocacy.

Class Description: This class time is an invitation to collectively indulge in movement. Grooving our way through footwork and floorwork we will activate our desires for play, connection, and fun.

(August 2022 - June 2023)

en ruinas

Borikén has battled against colonization since the year 1493 when the Spanish colonizers threatened the island. In 1508, Ponce de León established Caparra, turning the marsh into the first colonial settlement on the island. Today the site has been converted into an archeological site next to the Museum of the Colony. Throughout the years the colonial status has left many parts of Puerto Rico in ruins. In this dance film, through improvisation, I touch on the absurdity, destruction, and abandonment that the institutions that run our land have caused. 

Made for Danza Orgánica, Melaza Movie Series 2020

Also presented at Tufts Bridging Differences on April 28, 2021 (virtual).

Performance reel highlighting Andrea's performances as an undergraduate student at the Boston Conservatory

“slow chaos” is a work that embodies the simmer of confusion that comes along with the beginnings of breaking free from the gender binary. With a succession of isolated movements, stillness, and suspense the movement becomes rhythmic and full body but still layered with the past before jumping into the unknown.

Created at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee Music by Dedekind Cut (Instinct) and Matmos (Ultimate Care II Excerpt Four) I do not own the rights to the music Rehearsal assistance by Odessa Anderson Dancers: Searlait Carr, Michelle Young, Hannah Ritter, Jillian Grace, and Samuel Zamora.

slow chaos

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